Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Well I almost didn't make it but how could I resist such a wonderfully inspiring challenge!

Sunday, March 22, 2015


An ancient ring has shed new light on the ties between the Vikings and the Islamic world. CNN reports.
Travel between Islam and the Viking world was recorded in ancient texts but it was often in the form of tales of giants and dragons making it hard to separate fact from fiction. Researchers said, "The importance of the studied Birka ring is that it most eloquently corroborates ancient tales about direct contacts between Viking Age exchange of goods, culture, ideas, and news much more efficiently than indirect trade involving several merchants in-between." For the stone we must remember that even though colored glass  might today be perceived as a fake material of lower value, this was not necessarily so in the past. Years ago in the Levant it was still an exotic material in Viking Age Scandinavia. " The researchers also stated that this ring is the only ring with an Arabic inscription ever found at a Scandinavian archaeological site.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Bugs Eye View

Every month Erin Paris-Hintz posts an earring making challenge. This month it is a spectacular look at nature through the macro lens of the camera or a Bugs Eye View!
I absolutely love this because these pictures capture a moment in time. 
Dragonflies are a remarkable creation and when I see one I am always looking to see what color it is but never am I able to see what the camera has captured in these photos by Martin Amm!




Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Well it's March and in Michigan we are having some decent weather finally! It has been in the 50's which for me means some walks outside and I say, "YAY!!!"

With thoughts of Spring I start thinking of wearing anything that goes with flip flops. Basically it's time to think about fashion whether we care about trends or not we all think about what we want to start wearing that's different than winter wear.

Pantone gives us new color trends every year, wish before I started making jewelry I never really paid attention to or really was aware of. I like many colors and was always of the mind that, "I'm gonna wear what I want to wear" What I didn't realize was that we are influenced by Pantone's color forcast weth.er we want to be or not because the colors are out there and then we say, "Ohhh I love that, or yuck I hate that." At any rate there's going to be a color that suits us.

Here is a fashion site that I think is interesting and talks more about this subject.

I also want to address the everyday or work clothing aspect for those of us who don't live in Hollywood. Like I stated before each year presents a color pallette and we are affected by it because of the retail market. Sometimes we don't even know that we are surrounded by it. So it is wonderful to look in the magazines and see $100 to $500 plus clothing items on movie stars or who ever can afford to wear them but I'm from the real world. I want to show where we get our influences and how it trickels down to realistic clothing options for all of us!

Scuba Blue


Beautiful special occasion dresses.

Glacier Grey

I sooooo love this dress!

I love wearing grey, everything goes with it. I even love wearing grey on grey. It may sound dull but that's not what I see when I look at these outfits, especially THAT dress!!

                                 Strawberry Ice

I love how this color has been made to be for the grown up girl!



Ok I had to put in the converse shoes for my daughter! I love this color and I am really learning, with this season, that it is complemented by the other colors in this spring pallette.



 If this color doesn't  say fun to you I don't know what does! Super great accent color and what a stunning variety of tones! 

                                         Toasted Almond

 Doesn't Toasted Almond sound so much more femenine 
than camel?
 This color will always be a part of fashion and wow those dresses are fantastically beautiful. I love how the denim acts as the accent color to the  Toasted Almond

 Classic Blue

Soooo pretty!

              We all use this color, always have and always will.

Lucite Green


What a fun color and so much that we can do with it!


 I really like how the last outfit shows the aquamarine with the other Pantone colors. Look how great they all work together!                              



Not just yellow! Very easy to introduce to everyday outfits. Fun and elegant. I want to be that girl in the dress with the palm leaf print!