Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Spring so Far

I had to show you this spectacular sunset we had some weeks back. No photo adjusting just a gift from nature! 

Of course there are flowers popping up and the inspiration is flowing. This is Lung Wort I love the fact that you get three colors from it.

Grecian Wind Flower. I learned if you aren't sure it's a weed don't pick it because these seem to pop up in a different spot each year.

 Wild Trillium - YAY! I have been waiting for them. I am trying to re-establish them in the wooded hedge row of our property that used to be a cornfield.

 Not sure what this tree is but I thought it had really cool dangly things to make a mold of for my bead making.

 Here's the other pull on my love of gardening - the vegetable garden. I started to tackle it with the help of my mighty son before it dispersed into the lawn.
Peety Pie up front and Tucker at the back.
The soil is wonderful organic broken down manure from the farm down the road. I can't wait to get more.

To my surprise the kale was growing from the old stalks! Yay! untill Peety ate it. 

Almost half way finished. You can see one of my favorite tools in the background, a potato fork and a new one below.

 The double tongs popped those dandy lions right out! I was able to plant onions, lettuce and beets.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

 New Beads For April Challenge

I absolutely love this polymer clay bracelet bar that kinda came out accidentally on purpose. It is rustic and feminine which is how I describe my personality.

A lovely button came out of the challenge too also polymer clay


I am having so much inspirational fun with this month's Art Bead Scene's challenge!
 Here is a pendant made from polymer clay.

 And here is a kitty bracelet bar that I also made from polymer clay. I just couldn't resist him! Cat's  were a big part of my life growing up and I definitely  have kitty plans in my beading future.  I also made the button and the round beads. The solid color beads are from Gaea that I bought from
  Lima Beads.
I also incorporated 2 vintage buttons, Sari silk and small ceramic beads from Bead Haven in Frankenmuth Michigan.

For some reason I just love the minty green.

Here you can see the images that I picked out from the painting and I just couldn't resist the kitty!

I redid the button because the darker one bugged me!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"Jacob’s Ladder", 1957
by Helen Frankenthaler
oil on canvas, 9' 5 3/8" x 69 7/8" (287.9 x 177.5 cm)

About the Art
The delicately colored Jacob's Ladder shows compositional echoes ranging back to Cubism and the early abstractions of Vasily Kandinsky, but as a young New York artist in the 1950s, Frankenthaler was most influenced by the Abstract Expressionists. Like Jackson Pollock, she explored working on canvases laid on the floor (rather than mounted on an easel or wall), a technique opening new possibilities in the handling of paint, and therefore in visual appearances. Letting paint fall onto canvas emphasized its physicality, and the physicality of the support too. Frankenthaler also admired the scale of Pollock's work, and she took from him, she said, her "concern with line, fluid line, calligraphy, and . . . experiments with line not as line but as shape."
Frankenthaler departed from Pollock's practice in the way she used areas of color and in her distinctive thinning of paint so that it soaked into her unprimed canvases. Because the image is so plainly embedded in the cloth, its presence as flat pigmented canvas tends to overrule any illusionistic reading of it—a priority in the painting of the time. Nor should the work's title suggest any preplanned illustrational intention. "The picture developed (bit by bit while I was working on it) into shapes symbolic of an exuberant figure and ladder," Frankenthaler said, "therefore Jacob's Ladder." MoMA, New York. Source

This month I am very excited about the painting I saw so many things that I can't stop my brain!
It has really helped me to enlarge the painting and pull out the images that I see. I do enjoy the movement and subtle layers it provides us. It reminds me of a garden.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Has Sprung! At Last!

Of course the day I post this it' snowing out but it's still better than 30 degree weather.
I am so happy to see my early spring flowers popping up and wonderful Helleboris is blooming.
I love how the pink ones have an almost silvery tone to them and then I have a deep plum, yum!
These flowers really helped inspire me for the beads that I made for the March Art Bead Scene's challenge.

Here are some shrubs that I planted last fall thanks to Judy she lovingly  donated her Mock Orange shrubs. I They smell wonderful! I have 3 of them planted around my Kwanzan Cherry. 

This is how it's supposed to look. Hopefully one day.

Kwanzan Cherry

Uh oooohhhh... what happened here? I guess that's first on the list.

This is my fruit garden and I fence it off because the rabbits eat the bark off in the winter and I have lost at least 4 trees. I leave the Autumn Joy Sedum, those rusty brown things, for the butterflies in the fall and clean them up in the Spring. You can see the Daffodils popping up behind them. they go all the way down the garden.

Not a flower but Coral Bells are beautiful leaf color and shapes that start bringing the garden to life.
You can see the fern popping up   on the left and some sweet Woodruff  peeking up in the middle of the Coral Bell. Sweet Woodruff is beautiful and a wonderful accent ground cover but you have to keep and eye on it.

This is our baby pond. We have our down spouts run underground, to the dry well with another run off into the yard. I have it surrounded with shrubs for the birds.

Even though there is work coming my way I am eager to get my hands dirty every Spring!