Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Has Sprung! At Last!

Of course the day I post this it' snowing out but it's still better than 30 degree weather.
I am so happy to see my early spring flowers popping up and wonderful Helleboris is blooming.
I love how the pink ones have an almost silvery tone to them and then I have a deep plum, yum!
These flowers really helped inspire me for the beads that I made for the March Art Bead Scene's challenge.

Here are some shrubs that I planted last fall thanks to Judy she lovingly  donated her Mock Orange shrubs. I They smell wonderful! I have 3 of them planted around my Kwanzan Cherry. 

This is how it's supposed to look. Hopefully one day.

Kwanzan Cherry

Uh oooohhhh... what happened here? I guess that's first on the list.

This is my fruit garden and I fence it off because the rabbits eat the bark off in the winter and I have lost at least 4 trees. I leave the Autumn Joy Sedum, those rusty brown things, for the butterflies in the fall and clean them up in the Spring. You can see the Daffodils popping up behind them. they go all the way down the garden.

Not a flower but Coral Bells are beautiful leaf color and shapes that start bringing the garden to life.
You can see the fern popping up   on the left and some sweet Woodruff  peeking up in the middle of the Coral Bell. Sweet Woodruff is beautiful and a wonderful accent ground cover but you have to keep and eye on it.

This is our baby pond. We have our down spouts run underground, to the dry well with another run off into the yard. I have it surrounded with shrubs for the birds.

Even though there is work coming my way I am eager to get my hands dirty every Spring!

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