Monday, September 5, 2016

Pencil drawing by artist Sifus Thompson.

Today I want to show you the latest close-up of my husbands latest drawing.
Batman vs. Superman.

All I can say is I think he is a spectacular artist

Monday, August 29, 2016

SJ Designs Honey Do List Challenge

This was quite the challenge. There was so much to pick from, which should make it easy but I can't let anything be easy. I finally came up with many versions of this bracelet but I also have to want to wear it so it changed many times and may change again.
I absolutely love the beads by Grace Beads. Sorry about the wrinkled background I was happy just to finally get here!
Side note the bee is for the carnivorous plant!

Monday, August 15, 2016


Like everyone else this month is a busy one. So many things going on but too hot to do most of them.
one thing I  had to do was to participate in this month's Art Bead Scene challenge.
"Park Near Lu"
By Paul Klee, 1938
Oil and coloured paste on paper on jute

I loved the simplicity and I saw many shapes but being very organic.
Trees and branches of course but also people, a bird, leaves and I was intrigued by the dots.

I made the focal from polymer clay carved and pigmented with alcohol inks, also the pink beads and the one bead cap-ish bead. I was also able to use some beads from a winning from Ragged Robyn which I felt worked great with this necklace!

Here are some polymer clay bird beads.

Here is the necklace. I felt that the painting is simple but bold and the colors play such an important part of the expression of  it. I guess the black really called to me in that it represents the nature and its elements but that really is subjective For myself even when it is winter and everything looks bleak I am always anticipating the Spring time and I think about what I feel the tree really is, full of life! It holds and supports life too like the birds.
I used a Gaea bead from Lima Beads and the rest are polymer clay made by me.

This is the back of the bird!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Sarajo's husband Eric has presented us with another inspiring challenge.
Here is this month's inspiration and what Eric had to say about it:
I'm a huge fan of the beauty to be found in nature, especially that hidden within the depths of the earth.  The random patterns of these stone pendants are a work of art unto themselves--some abstract, others more defined.  The challenge this month is to incorporate such a patterned natural stone into your jewelry!  

Well I guess I read it wrong and I took my inspiration from the pattern. I used the top right picture because I immediately saw Oak leaves, and I was super inspired!
At first I was trying to use the browns and creams but with the addition of copper it transformed.

So I started working on these, which I love by the way.

 And of course you can't have Oak leaves without the acorns. These are made with polymer clay and hand made bead caps. They are about 12 - 14mm around.

I created a hook for latching.

I used Czech flower beads a little wire shaping,and red leather.
 Here the little tassel pieces are taken off. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Original Garden Girls!

Here we are in our gardening glory! Nancy, me, and Judy. I'm sure that Judy was the one who had the idea of taking turns visiting each others gardens once a month through the summer. I'm sure Judy remembers when we started but I know that it must be at least 15 to 18 years.
You wouldn't think that there would be anything new to see but there is.
Today we are visiting Nancy's July garden.

Yummy! We need much nutrition and beverages to fuel our tour! Thanks Nancy. 

Here is a terra-cotta bird bath that I made even longer ago. It cracked when it was fired because of the pre-fired pieces that I had put in there. Nancy liked it anyway and has had it in her garden these many years. 

 These are some coral-ish pink phlox - stunning!

 These are trumpet lilies, they are tall and very fragrant.

Judy's job that day was to photo bomb every opportunity that she could take. Can you see the word love?

  Nancy has so many Clematis'. This one is sprawling across shrubs. A good combination.

Tree sculptures. 

This Hosta is huge and so beautifully puckered. I think it is Sum-of-All or Sum and Substance.

Day lilies

I love her raised vegetable garden.

Goofy girls!

Garden benefits!

Tree pedant!

Nice way to create a little more privacy.

 Ok now I can't wait to have this one in my garden!

And I have been waiting for this one for many, many moons.

 Her new Clematis, Pink Mink.

Creative pottery.

Judy grew purple hair!

 More garden jewelry! I thought this looked like a copper pendant.

Water barrel for the conscientious gardener.

Some beautiful bird cages on a multi-level raised garden in the middle of her back yard.

Both Nancy and Judy are Master Gardeners, I absorb their masterly-ness through osmosis.

Nancy also has a beautiful collection of glass. I unfortunately wasn't able to get pictures of all of her collection but I guess I will save that for another post.

The two pieces on the left were made by me. The grape vine bowl shows the carving that I fell in love with so long ago.

Thank you Nancy for all the years that you have shared your spectacular talent and knowledge with me.