Sunday, August 13, 2017

August Challenge

Twelve Princesses on the Way to the Dance
Kay Nieslen
Published in 1923
Watercolor and ink

This is what I saw

                               For some reason I am very interested in this shape and was playing around with  them and lo and behold here comes the ABS August challenge 

First necklace with the polymer clay bead focal that I made. I also had been craving some cherry quartz from Lima Beads so since this one is for me I thought it was a happy addition. The lighter pink are from a site that I have to find again, hammered silver ring and the toggle from Fab Beads  on Etsy.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Every month Sarajo Wentling, from SJ Designs Jewelry , puts up a challenge from her husband, Eric, who posts a picture. 
This month is a peacock. You can read about  it on her site.

As of late I have had lesser amounts of energy and missed a few but I was determined to make it this month.
I have discovered that as much as I do like making jewelry because really they are sculptures, I really LOVE making the beads!
One day I will get back to ceramics until then I am happy to play with polymer clay.

Thanks again Eric and Sarajo!


(not finished)

Bracelet bar

Charms or small pendants

Pendant and charm from another challenge I thought fit this challenge.


Copper and embossing enamel jointed charms, they move and are great for earrings!

 Bracelet bar, copper and clear embossing enamel.

 Copper links and charms.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My gardens 2017
 By My Front Door

 I love the garden by my front door. It's inviting and since my husband Sifus, (whose drawings I need to update so you can see what a spectacular artist he is, Soon to come), started the new front walk. 
I had to reduce some of the garden but it is a welcome answer to creating a space that we can sit and drink coffee in in the morning. Many times we see the hummingbirds. 

The Man

The dog, (not a big help).

We got these fence pieces from the farmer down the road. I love them. They have such a wonderful pattern and the clematis' have an easy time growing up them!

The other side.

The Alliums are doing especially well this year and look great mixed with the Geum.

This is a beautiful Iris that I got from my parents.

This Clematis is climbing an old arbor that is in need of some assistance. I also have added two cane roses on each side so they will inter twine.

Creeping Veronica, love the blue. 

Autumn something Vibernum. I love the warm color of the leaves which change through the year.

Globe Master Allium.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Here's what Eric had to say about his inspiration photo.
For this month's piece I wanted to use a shot from our recent trip to Virginia and D.C.  With the recent big storm, most of the cherry blossoms were long gone, but we found this single tree with some pink flowers!  I liked the movement of the dried grasses, the metal scroll work of the sculpture, and the pop of color from the flowers.  

I was having a difficult time blending the warmth of the sculpture and the coolness of the pink flowers. It didn't help that I was not as lucid as my usual self because of surgery but I really wanted to show both. Here is a bead that I made to reflect the pink flowers. I used polymer clay.

Here is another pendant that I made quite a while ago but I always liked it. It is rustic but I like that too. I chose the warm freshwater pearls and copper to reflect the metal from the sculpture. It is very simple but I was happy to get it accomplished and the challenge met.