Friday, March 16, 2018

I'm Ba-aack!

Just got back from Florida and wow did I have a great time!
The last time I was there my Dad lovingly let me use his tools after I discovered his stash of scrap copper. so while I was there I worked on copper pieces.
I forgot to add that this year my dad helped me learn to solder. The necklace is my first piece with my funky technique.

Here's my mom, I told my mom to act like she was super interested in what I was doing.

What was really cool is that I was all ready working on dragonflies when this month's Art Bead Scene Studio's challenge popped up. Beautiful isn't it?

I was limited on what I could use but a quick trip to Michael's and I was able to put this necklace together. I think it worked out great!

This bracelet actually was made for SJ Designs Jewelry"s Honey Do List
I've been quite tardy in getting my beads done the last few month's. Last month I left for Florida before I could get it submitted. This month Iit worked out great because it gave me a head start.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Well I'm late as usual but here is Erick's inspiration for January. 
When I was young I wanted a parakeet but my mom got me a parrot instead. I liked him but I was afraid of him. This inspiration took me back. 
My son wanted a Budgie, which I think are beautiful too. I was able to rescue two blue ones. I still have some feathers. So in turn I approached this challenge with a feather.
Because I am pressed for energy I used color from the January Art Bead Scene challenge but if you look closely at the bird Erick presented to us there are many colors.

At first I didn't think it was good enough, (as usual) but I liked it. So here it is.
Polymer clay pendant.
You can see it in my Etsy shop!