If You Plant It They Will Come

One reason that I love the Butterfly Bush is that the minute they start blooming you get butterflies! Not hard to guess that one. This is a Miss Molly. It doesn't get overly large and the color and smell is outstanding. There is an even smaller one that I have to look up the name.

 Here's Peetie Not-a-Help! 
He likes to follow me around the garden.

This is a nine bark and a little pink cat tail plant. I got it from a friend and I don't know what it is called but it lasts a long time and had a nice leaf that gets a burgundy splash to it and is has and airy quality that is nice against a solid background.

My Phlox were outstanding this year. They were very tall and lasted a long time.

Blue Spirea or Caryoptris or Blue Mist Spirea, 3'-3.5' H x 3'-3.5' W. It blooms from July to September and the bloom and can stand hot dry areas. I starts blooming when most flowers are fading away. I have been trying to add more blues into my garden pallette.

Hardy Glads so beautiful!

Oak Leaf Hydreangea - no flowers yet but hopefully next year.

This Coral Bell is from 2 summers ago. It is Fire Alarm and boy do I love it. You can see some of the Rozanne Geranium trailing into it, love!

Miss Molly, Rozanne, and creeping Jenny.

New in my garden, Twirling Butterflies. Light , airy but super bloomer. Bees love it.

A Seedum I've had for so many years I don't know what it's called but it is a beautiful color.

The Rozanne behind a shorter coral Phlox. 

Pink Anemone what a show and it lasts a long time!

Left to right, Brunera, Coral Bell, raspberry ?, Coral Belle Southern Comfort (likes some shade for better color),

It doesn't look to hot but next years blooms are waiting to be planted!

Shiherindaze Lilly


White pincusion


Love this Delphinium

Geranium from my mom

Niobe clematis

Lenten rose from my mom

Pink Phlox from the lady in the old neighborhood
Red day Lilly in front of Baptist
My dog Tucker
I built this rock wall and steps

Rozanne geranium

Asiatic Lilly from a lady at a garage sale

Annabelle hydragens with pink Spirea

Rugosa rose


  1. Great photos of all your hard work!

  2. ...I loved scrolling through your wonderful flowers


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