Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Welcome to Judy's garden!

I want to show you all Judy's garden. Judy and myself with her sister Nancy and another friend Debbie get together once a month to tour each others gardens. This may seem like a lot but remember each month has its own blooming performances. We call ourselves The Garden Girls. Judy and her husband Larry have spent years cultivating and decorating their property and it shows. So I want to show you!
Here she is, Master Gardener herself, Judy!!!

This is usually where we start our tour, her back porch. She has made us start around 5 or 5:30 so we can watch the sunrise. She usually has a blankie for everyone and coffee and it is worth the effort.

 She does this to Depression plates. It's an abomination but what a beautiful way to display these beauties. She should have given me the red one, I'm just is my favorite color!

This is the handy-work of Larry. I absolutely LOVE this. It looks like an urn but it is a lamp upside down. I don't know how he does it. I think she should give this to me too!
  Judy takes satellite dishes and mosaics them with stained glass. How beautiful. They also help provide shade to some ares of her garden.

Tikki hut in back. More satellite dishes.

Dudley Do-Right and Nell
 Still at the back of the house 

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 Larry made this gate door out of old tools.

 Another plate that should have been mine.

 Can't help but take pictures.
This is actually an indoor ceiling lamp that Larry made to light up at night.

 Bowling balls.
 The fence between neighbors.

 Tikki time!


Larry's barn.

  Front porch area


 Tour is done!
Ha ha, I made everyone pretend to be walking and talking

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