Monday, August 17, 2015

For The Birds!
This month Terri G. from Blooming Ideas decided to make this month's Art Bead Scene's challenge a personal one between her and I . Not a competition challenge but
something to share between ourselves. We chose not to use the art as the inspiration but use the color palette. I couldn't motivate myself to make jewelry, probably because my work area is such a mess and since it is a personal challenge I made beads. This ugly bead actually fit the palette perfectly but I just couldn't make it happen. I made it when Terri, Simone, and I took a glass bead making class in Swartz Creek a couple years back. Oh well another day.
I was immediately attracted to the red, What's really neat is that my husband came come with a 2 volume set of bird books, National Geographic's, The Book Of Birds" 1937, yay it's old.
The birds I chose were the Red Wing Black Birds. We have them every year at the end of our driveway because of the cat tails.

So here's my pieces, 2 bracelet bars, polymer clay.

A tube-y pendant.

Coin beads

Some nutty looking things 


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