Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This is Eric's April challenge and I loved it. I always remember watching the Chickadees when I was young and asking my mom why they didn't fly to Florida, maybe they couldn't and should I feel sorry for them? My mom reassured me that no tall birds in Michigan fly to Florida and that Chickadees were perfectly fine here in the winter.
I always remember them because of their little black head, why??? I don't know but I did.
I especially like this photo because of the variance of color, although neutrals, that are brought out. 
Taupe and grey and the warm tan with the coral I was a happy bead making camper! I even woke up with polymer clay stuck to my big toe!

I made the focal and the orangey-coraly beads towards the top. The beads by the focal are recycled. 

I had to make a bird bead, which I did from poly clay, also the coral beads. The matte taupe beads came from  The Spacer Bead Queen and the stripy beads came from Beth Singleton. I have been waiting for the perfect thing to use these in. The small pink rounds are shell.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Interesting month for me...
I had a total hip replacement on the 17th so I kept  myself busy with this month's challenge and what a wonderful painting too be inspired by!

Paul Gauguin
Oil On Canvas

I saw a lot of things but focused on the leaf, birds, that green thing whiich looks like a vintage end bar. On this one I made the tube focal out of polymer clay, in the necklace I used  leather, wood button, Sari silk. wood beads, picture jasper, Vintaj findings, and agate.

This one reflects the green thing I took apart a vintage cabinet handle, Czech flower bead, poly bird by me and leopard jasper, also little round orange poly beads by me too.