Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This is Eric's April challenge and I loved it. I always remember watching the Chickadees when I was young and asking my mom why they didn't fly to Florida, maybe they couldn't and should I feel sorry for them? My mom reassured me that no tall birds in Michigan fly to Florida and that Chickadees were perfectly fine here in the winter.
I always remember them because of their little black head, why??? I don't know but I did.
I especially like this photo because of the variance of color, although neutrals, that are brought out. 
Taupe and grey and the warm tan with the coral I was a happy bead making camper! I even woke up with polymer clay stuck to my big toe!

I made the focal and the orangey-coraly beads towards the top. The beads by the focal are recycled. 

I had to make a bird bead, which I did from poly clay, also the coral beads. The matte taupe beads came from  The Spacer Bead Queen and the stripy beads came from Beth Singleton. I have been waiting for the perfect thing to use these in. The small pink rounds are shell.


  1. You made two super cute necklaces this month! I love that you made some of your beads... that bird is especially adorable. The mix of softer colors and the coral color pulled from the branches is very nice. Thanks for playing along with us! I hope you'll check back to see what Eric has planned for us in May.

  2. Polymer clay stuck to your big toe? Hmm. I would be nervous to be barefoot since I am constantly dropping things which can be painful to step on, especially when they get buried in the carpet.
    Both necklaces are lovely though I'm quite partial to the little bird

  3. I love the bird focal! Great job on these!

  4. Making your own focals worked great on both necklaces! I loved the red contrast in the picture and I love how you used it in both pieces!

  5. These necklaces are wonderful! I especially love the colors of the first one. So fresh!


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