Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March Jewelry Challenge

Armed Bird's Nest in Acacia Bush, Chile
Marianne North
Oil On Paper

Well who could resist? Not me!!
Especially after having these beautiful carved bone flowers just waiting for me to use them and a beautiful Tin Snippet by Loreli Eurto
The flower beads were purchased in West Virginia around Charlottesville. A C-Koop flower from Lima Beads many moons ago.
The leaf and disc beads I made from tin and polymer clay.
The rest is red leather and red waxed string also from Lima beads.

I thought that it was interesting that the title of the painting is, "Armed Bird " and the painting is so bright and colorful yet there was this dark leaf hanging there like a shield. I'll be dealing with that next project. I chose the red because when I look at a challenge if I can find red I usually use it. I could see some reddish in the far right bottom of the painting and then of course there are the twigs. My bracelet is organic but not as wild as the nesting and trees project. I wanted to stay true to the challenge and the focal

and yep... it's mine!