Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My gardens 2017
 By My Front Door

 I love the garden by my front door. It's inviting and since my husband Sifus, (whose drawings I need to update so you can see what a spectacular artist he is, Soon to come), started the new front walk. 
I had to reduce some of the garden but it is a welcome answer to creating a space that we can sit and drink coffee in in the morning. Many times we see the hummingbirds. 

The Man

The dog, (not a big help).

We got these fence pieces from the farmer down the road. I love them. They have such a wonderful pattern and the clematis' have an easy time growing up them!

The other side.

The Alliums are doing especially well this year and look great mixed with the Geum.

This is a beautiful Iris that I got from my parents.

This Clematis is climbing an old arbor that is in need of some assistance. I also have added two cane roses on each side so they will inter twine.

Creeping Veronica, love the blue. 

Autumn something Vibernum. I love the warm color of the leaves which change through the year.

Globe Master Allium.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Here's what Eric had to say about his inspiration photo.
For this month's piece I wanted to use a shot from our recent trip to Virginia and D.C.  With the recent big storm, most of the cherry blossoms were long gone, but we found this single tree with some pink flowers!  I liked the movement of the dried grasses, the metal scroll work of the sculpture, and the pop of color from the flowers.  

I was having a difficult time blending the warmth of the sculpture and the coolness of the pink flowers. It didn't help that I was not as lucid as my usual self because of surgery but I really wanted to show both. Here is a bead that I made to reflect the pink flowers. I used polymer clay.

Here is another pendant that I made quite a while ago but I always liked it. It is rustic but I like that too. I chose the warm freshwater pearls and copper to reflect the metal from the sculpture. It is very simple but I was happy to get it accomplished and the challenge met.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Bowl of Fruit, Violin and Bottle
Pablo Picasso
Oil On Canvas

Bowl of Fruit, Violin and Bottle

Pablo Picasso
Oil On Canvas

I wasn't quite sure how to make inspiration from this painting my own. I decided that I would play with color and texture. I really liked the crackle sort of texture that I saw and I also was drawn to the pink and teal.

here is my necklace. As I started playing with it I realized that I wanted to play with the pink and black. My pictures didn't turn out so great except this one because of my energy level being lower since my surgery. The rest of the necklace is chain until the clasp which has a swirl pattern on it.
I made the focal and the smoky pink bead on the left. The black beads are carved jet jade. The pink beads are from a vintage necklace, black discs are from art beads czech beads. The speckled beads are ceramic from Marsha Neal. They are a win from Art bead Scene, (thank you!). She is fantastic!

 So here are my polymer clay beads. I like how they turned out.

Just when I thought that I was stuck in pink I found myself looking at the orange, probably because it was so close to red. I had some polymer clay scraps that I thought that looked like tulips which are blooming profusely in my garden, and the color worked for me. I also snipped some areas of the painting that influenced me, along with the speckles, to play with layering so here is a pendant that came about from it all.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This is Eric's April challenge and I loved it. I always remember watching the Chickadees when I was young and asking my mom why they didn't fly to Florida, maybe they couldn't and should I feel sorry for them? My mom reassured me that no tall birds in Michigan fly to Florida and that Chickadees were perfectly fine here in the winter.
I always remember them because of their little black head, why??? I don't know but I did.
I especially like this photo because of the variance of color, although neutrals, that are brought out. 
Taupe and grey and the warm tan with the coral I was a happy bead making camper! I even woke up with polymer clay stuck to my big toe!

I made the focal and the orangey-coraly beads towards the top. The beads by the focal are recycled. 

I had to make a bird bead, which I did from poly clay, also the coral beads. The matte taupe beads came from  The Spacer Bead Queen and the stripy beads came from Beth Singleton. I have been waiting for the perfect thing to use these in. The small pink rounds are shell.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Interesting month for me...
I had a total hip replacement on the 17th so I kept  myself busy with this month's challenge and what a wonderful painting too be inspired by!

Paul Gauguin
Oil On Canvas

I saw a lot of things but focused on the leaf, birds, that green thing whiich looks like a vintage end bar. On this one I made the tube focal out of polymer clay, in the necklace I used  leather, wood button, Sari silk. wood beads, picture jasper, Vintaj findings, and agate.

This one reflects the green thing I took apart a vintage cabinet handle, Czech flower bead, poly bird by me and leopard jasper, also little round orange poly beads by me too.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March Jewelry Challenge

Armed Bird's Nest in Acacia Bush, Chile
Marianne North
Oil On Paper

Well who could resist? Not me!!
Especially after having these beautiful carved bone flowers just waiting for me to use them and a beautiful Tin Snippet by Loreli Eurto
The flower beads were purchased in West Virginia around Charlottesville. A C-Koop flower from Lima Beads many moons ago.
The leaf and disc beads I made from tin and polymer clay.
The rest is red leather and red waxed string also from Lima beads.

I thought that it was interesting that the title of the painting is, "Armed Bird " and the painting is so bright and colorful yet there was this dark leaf hanging there like a shield. I'll be dealing with that next project. I chose the red because when I look at a challenge if I can find red I usually use it. I could see some reddish in the far right bottom of the painting and then of course there are the twigs. My bracelet is organic but not as wild as the nesting and trees project. I wanted to stay true to the challenge and the focal

and yep... it's mine!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Forget me Knot

These flowers are one of my all time favorites because they bloom these teeny tiny little bright sky blue flowers.
I adore blue in the garden and these flowers are small enough that they can fit just about anywhere!
So when I saw SJ Designs January challenge, (yes I know I am very late), I also was given this tin. 
Though it is not a finished product I made the link and added some components that I would have played with in putting together a piece.

Here are some sunsets that fall into this palette too that I took pictures of.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

 Hellooo Ever-y-body!!!

Well that is my online Grover impersonation!

What will happen now? I know I've been busy doing the life thing and well, sometimes that happens.
Any-whooo I can't stay away from art for any too long of a time! ( I wonder if that should have some hyphens in it?? )
On the artistic side of my life actually my husband has had a few successful exhibits with his pencil drawings and that means I do more dishes.
On my side I made a qilt-ish not done yet blanket. I love the colors and if you look at my jewelry you will see a lot of teal aqua colors.
Don't look at the mess...

Not perfect not finished but I still like it.
Moda fabric with a William Morris design.
It is supposed to look like a trellis-ish thing but it looks more like window panes. I quilt and applique.

 Terri from Terri's Blooming Ideas gifted this to me when I started my quilt. I am finally at the point that I am going to use them

Little sewing area - until I get new glasses!