Monday, April 24, 2017

Interesting month for me...
I had a total hip replacement on the 17th so I kept  myself busy with this month's challenge and what a wonderful painting too be inspired by!

Paul Gauguin
Oil On Canvas

I saw a lot of things but focused on the leaf, birds, that green thing whiich looks like a vintage end bar. On this one I made the tube focal out of polymer clay, in the necklace I used  leather, wood button, Sari silk. wood beads, picture jasper, Vintaj findings, and agate.

This one reflects the green thing I took apart a vintage cabinet handle, Czech flower bead, poly bird by me and leopard jasper, also little round orange poly beads by me too.


  1. Both necklaces turned out really cool! I really like your flower and little bird. Wishing you a continued speedy recovery with your hip replacement.

  2. Lovely designs for both necklaces. I'm particularly drawn to the second one with the vintage handle part. Hope you continue to recover day by day

  3. Both pieces are part of the natural flow of the painting. I love the first necklace, the barrel focal and the leaf are amazing!

  4. I admire anyone who takes apart furniture in the quest for the perfect ArtBead Scene necklace !!!! Great Job!!

  5. Thank you and don't we all see art where ever we go?!!! :)

  6. Very cool. I love to see the things that jump out at you each month. They are often things I don't see at all! Hope you are feeling great after your surgery!


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