Monday, August 15, 2016


Like everyone else this month is a busy one. So many things going on but too hot to do most of them.
one thing I  had to do was to participate in this month's Art Bead Scene challenge.
"Park Near Lu"
By Paul Klee, 1938
Oil and coloured paste on paper on jute

I loved the simplicity and I saw many shapes but being very organic.
Trees and branches of course but also people, a bird, leaves and I was intrigued by the dots.

I made the focal from polymer clay carved and pigmented with alcohol inks, also the pink beads and the one bead cap-ish bead. I was also able to use some beads from a winning from Ragged Robyn which I felt worked great with this necklace!

Here are some polymer clay bird beads.

Here is the necklace. I felt that the painting is simple but bold and the colors play such an important part of the expression of  it. I guess the black really called to me in that it represents the nature and its elements but that really is subjective For myself even when it is winter and everything looks bleak I am always anticipating the Spring time and I think about what I feel the tree really is, full of life! It holds and supports life too like the birds.
I used a Gaea bead from Lima Beads and the rest are polymer clay made by me.

This is the back of the bird!


  1. second necklace you added to this post equally fantastic!

  2. I was determined to use all the colors but finally had to pick just some of them. I am fascinated with so many colors in your pieces for the challenge and I especially like the second necklace! You saw a bird? Awesome! I didn't but I used birds in my pieces for the challenge, too :)

  3. Nice interpretations Katherine. I especially like the leaf focal and birds you created. Great!

  4. Your necklaces are wonderful. The beads are really interesting. The first necklace really nails the colors in the inspiration piece as does the second. Well done!

  5. Thanks for letting us take a peek inside your head! My favorite is the first necklace which I agree really nails the colors although love the quirkiness of the second too.

  6. I love that pendant you made for your first necklace and the pops of the colorful beads against the black, but that second necklace truly captures my imagination! Great work all around!

  7. Both are simply amazing! I always enjoy the way you pull inspiration from the paintings each month! Your clay pendants are beautiful and perfect for the challenge! Love them

  8. This necklace is so beautiful! I have it saved on my Pinterest and I always admire it ~ awesome work!

    Laura :)


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