Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Spring so Far

I had to show you this spectacular sunset we had some weeks back. No photo adjusting just a gift from nature! 

Of course there are flowers popping up and the inspiration is flowing. This is Lung Wort I love the fact that you get three colors from it.

Grecian Wind Flower. I learned if you aren't sure it's a weed don't pick it because these seem to pop up in a different spot each year.

 Wild Trillium - YAY! I have been waiting for them. I am trying to re-establish them in the wooded hedge row of our property that used to be a cornfield.

 Not sure what this tree is but I thought it had really cool dangly things to make a mold of for my bead making.

 Here's the other pull on my love of gardening - the vegetable garden. I started to tackle it with the help of my mighty son before it dispersed into the lawn.
Peety Pie up front and Tucker at the back.
The soil is wonderful organic broken down manure from the farm down the road. I can't wait to get more.

To my surprise the kale was growing from the old stalks! Yay! untill Peety ate it. 

Almost half way finished. You can see one of my favorite tools in the background, a potato fork and a new one below.

 The double tongs popped those dandy lions right out! I was able to plant onions, lettuce and beets.

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