Friday, May 13, 2016

Yup! It's Spring!
Here is my beautiful daughter swinging away!

What I wanted to talk about is inspiration, and for me my gardens give me mmany things to be inspired about. What I did was walk around the yard and photograph the colors and shapes that I love. Here is one Coral Bell that I adore. It's the color and the variety of shades that it gives as it grows.


Love this Bergenia and it had spectacular blooms!

This is a Niobe Clematis. I put it going down the stone wall because it doesn't get really big and it can look like a waterfall.

These lovely flowers are Blood Root. They have leaves that turn colors depending on the amount of sun, I'm pretty sure. I have not seen them bloom before!

ADORE!! this color Forget-me-nots they are starting to be a part of every garden.

My Kwanzan Cherry bloomed! Yay! Not a lot but Enough to give me hope that it will be a full beautiful tree one day.

So here are some of the results of my Spring garden inspiration.
This one from my Lenten Rose.

I really seem to like the rust, coral, and red colors along with a verdigris green.

My rustic rusted owl.

From a vintage poppy stamp.

I like the rustic finish,

I took a flower from my my Cherry tree and made a mold 

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