Saturday, May 21, 2016

May Art Bead Scene Challenge

This month's challenge really had me thinking! So many things that I could do with this but mainly what I saw were color blocks and lines. I did notice a subtle graininess mostly in the red brown block right in the middle right. I used to do ceramics and will again when I get a small kiln. In the mean time I try to have my beads reflect a ceramic glaze quality.   

 "On a Shaker Theme", 1956
by Charles Sheeler
oil on canvas
23" x 29 1/8" (58.42 x 73.98 cm)

I took the painting and turned it and wow it really revealed a dimensional quality that intrigued me.

Here are some of my favorite parts of the painting.

Here is the pendant I created from the blocks and lines inspiration. I also have been playing with a faux raku look. I loved making raku pottery I guess I'll have to do a post on that!
I used red leather and a Tagua nut bead from Lima Beads and Clay River ceramic squares from
 Art Beads

 Here are the beads that I made representing some of the colors that I saw in the painting. I wanted to
keep it light and fresh.

I continued on with these. I always seem to come back to this color.

 Shephards purse.

Faux Raku also for the challenge.

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