Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Believe In Yourself!

Thinking about my comment about my necklace focal, and I am a ponderer, (if that is a word). I go through wondering, "What makes art, Art?" I am constantly looking to see if something that I make is right, but there are so many ways to be right. Ascetically, balance, color, dimension, personally, even politically. I think it is good to work hard and challenge myself but I need to find balance. Again I prove to myself that pondering, which for me leads to research, leads to answers.

When I found this in my history researchings I just laughed because I realized that there really is nothing new - just reinvented!
 Brass masks with cowrie shells.

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  1. They call me the wanderer
    Yeah, the wanderer
    I roam around, around, around

    'Cause I'm a wanderer
    Yeah, a wanderer
    I roam around, around, around

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    Reinvented Lyrics
    They call me the ponderer
    Yeah, the ponderer
    I go around, around, around

    'Cause I'm a ponderer
    Yeah, a ponderer
    I go around, around, around

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