Monday, November 24, 2014

November Art Bead Scene Jewelry Challenge

I really liked this challenge but as usual I went through the excited process of, "This is great, I love the colors, I have so many ideas." Of course this turns into too many ideas and everything gets muddled. I have wanted to play with copper and making my own pieces so I went and finally got a sheet. Thanks to my wonderful husband who doesn't grumble when I sneak his tools, wire, torches, and anything else that looks interesting. He gave me this piece of really thick copper wire which I made the toggle out of then hammered. Nothing spectacular but I like it. I wanted to represent the nest so I cut, heated, pressed, inked the copper pieces and used some tiny brass screws I bought at a yard sale. The dangling charm is polymer clay. I thought the color was great. I hope you can tell that the 2 marble beads are the eggs, and if you can't, well they are. I love the olive and pink so I guess this one is mine.

The necklace represents the colors of the flower and the plant itself. It looked to me that the orchid had leaves and pods. I made the focal from polymer clay. 

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  1. You had a very creative month and it has paid off. Congratulations on winning one of the random drawings....a $50.00 prize over at ABS! Enjoy Shopping!


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