Monday, July 27, 2015

A Quilt  For Simone

When my daughter was little I made her a blankie from a small lap blanket size quilt that kept coming apart where the pieces were sewn together. When I would see a spot coming apart I would take some fabric from a cute pair of pants or anything sweet and cut out a flower shape and cover the part that was coming apart. Eventually the blankie had several flowers and bugs. I also put a silky backing on it because, well, it's silky.
Simone loved her blankie as any kid with a blanket named blankie does. She would have it still if she didn't have the unfortunate experience of puppy-sitting a dog that got a hold of it and shredded half of it. Although it was shredded like a car wash octopus thingy she still slept with it. 
About 6 weeks ago I looked at it and asked her if she would like a new one. I was quite surprised by the colors she picked out at first which were beige and beiger. I encouraged her to get a bit more color since the palette she was expressing to me was corals and pastels.

This was the background.

 I added the darker colors but didn't use them all. 
I stuck to a flower theme and chose clematis on a trellis.

I added birds and the original buzzy bee from the first blanket

Still silky on the back and an extra cushy 4 layers of batting.

Here you can see that the test run went very well!

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