Tuesday, February 7, 2017

 Hellooo Ever-y-body!!!

Well that is my online Grover impersonation!

What will happen now? I know I've been busy doing the life thing and well, sometimes that happens.
Any-whooo I can't stay away from art for any too long of a time! ( I wonder if that should have some hyphens in it?? )
On the artistic side of my life actually my husband has had a few successful exhibits with his pencil drawings and that means I do more dishes.
On my side I made a qilt-ish not done yet blanket. I love the colors and if you look at my jewelry you will see a lot of teal aqua colors.
Don't look at the mess...

Not perfect not finished but I still like it.
Moda fabric with a William Morris design.
It is supposed to look like a trellis-ish thing but it looks more like window panes. I quilt and applique.

 Terri from Terri's Blooming Ideas gifted this to me when I started my quilt. I am finally at the point that I am going to use them

Little sewing area - until I get new glasses!

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  1. Very pretty quilt! I can see how it was to be a trellis the the wandering vines. I can appreciate all your hard work. Look forward to seeing what you'll create with the material I gifted you.


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