Monday, June 15, 2015

Here are the jewelry pieces that I created with my special gifts from  Mary Harding I won them from Art Bead Scene. I absolutely love how different these pieces are! Each one is a reflection of my personality. 

This bracelet fit the vibrancy of this month's Art Bead Scene challenge so well it made it easy and delightful for me to put the two together! I absolutely love!!! the silk string, ( I'm guessing it's silk ) it is so pretty. It worked well with the beads that I made to meet the challenge too. I also was able to have some of my beautiful flowers blooming at this time that I felt reflected the colors of the challenge. 

Copper Leaf earrings, hand shaped and colored with embossing enamels and pastels. Silk gifted from Mary Harding.

Copper leaf pendant hand shaped and colored with embossing enamels and pastels.

Asiatic lilies, sun drops

corn poppy

day lilly

Beads from Ragged Robyn. and Michaels.  Czech flower and leaf beads.

Stephanie Lois

You can see the quick biography of Stephanie on the Art Bead Scene blog here

The era of this painting is the 1920's. Here is a poster from 1920 showing the Art Deco fashion and jewelry style of that time.

1925 Pearl Jewelry advertisement


Aviation hat 1928

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