Monday, September 28, 2015

Life Is A Gift!
I am currently on a visit to Florida with my daughter and several mom and dad, to visit my mom and dad! 

First stop North Carolina to see my sister and her family. They are in Charlotte and WOW!!! what a booming place to live. There are several galleries, museums, restaurants, music festivals, wineries.. I can't name everything that is going on there! If you need a job that's the place to be. 
Down town business i booming and building is going on all over. 

Farmers market, four buildings plus outdoor vendors. I love pumpkins!

Mom and Dads' back garden area. I'm on an inspiration hunt!

Sand Crane

Cool texture



Neighbors rose, I love the color

Corn Flower

Palm leaf

Banana flower

Guava flower

Scruffy puppy

Triangle bug

There are more interesting things to come from this trip. I am sorry to see it come to an end but reality strikes and I must return to it. 

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