Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Work That Blog!

Not always so easy. For anyone who has been looking at my blog you can see that it has changed several times.
I am in the process of discovery. I am trying to figure out just how to show people who I am through an image, my header or blog visuals. 
I start with one and I like it then I don't. I may like part but it doesn't tell the whole story. What do you do when there is a definite duality to your personality let alone the grey areas?
Hmmm, think, think, think????
I will be getting there and the road to discovery is interesting and revealing. Hopefully I will start posting more too. Again I was thinking as I was working in my garden this morning, "Ohh, I should have taken a picture of before and after". Well I don't have a cell phone that I keep on me at all times or I probably would catch those moments that I feel would make a good post. 
Today's moment was my Ginkgo tree garden, I had planted bee-balm in it and it was beautiful but every year after it is finished blooming I pull it out and it seems to always come back beautifully. This year I have decided that since I have some in my wild garden and this area is developing well with larger things I wont have it there anymore. I can't seem to find a before picture even though I was sure I had one but here is the after. Looks like a barren wasteland but after some shrub trimming and ground cover that doesn't cover the tree things will be just fine. I have two of my mother in law's roses and four pontentillia shrubs given to me by Judy.

Here in the left are some fizzled out bee balm in the wild garden. They are tall and that is why the Ginkgo tree was mostly covered. I also was happy to see some holly hocks arrive this year I guess the rabbits didn't find them.

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