Friday, February 19, 2016

Chunky In February!

Generally by time February is rolling around some people start thinking, "Oh my winter fat, I didn't see that coming!!!" 
Well this month my chunky moment is a challenge that Terri from Terri's  Blooming Ideas and I decided to do.
It all started at the bead shop and Terri found these really unique bigger beads and we did the ol' are you getting them??? Ok I'm getting them, I'm not , why do I think I need these? Our conversations are so stimulating. Actually I think we do this pick up the beads , run back and put them away thing to get our exercise! 
As we contemplated them we saw that they actually were not made with a high fire clay and were chipping - so sad.
Well you can't put a seed of thought into Terri's head, well, because she'll get a bloomin' idea!!!!
She presented me with a, "Hey I have these beads from Kay and some other ochre colored ceramic beads let's do our own Chunky Challenge"
OK saays I and off we go!

Here they are, I guess I would call them raku smoked clay beads. There are no rules just chunky If anyone wants to participate. I did a pretend glaze look on some with embossing enamels. These other beads are me thinking nothing that happened. 

So I started and see the spot I skipped, well the whole thing got taken apart I just wasn't feelin' the colors.

I re-did the clay beads and oh dear tragedy struck.....I had to place an order with Lima Beads! Hey! How did that happen???!!! Also free shipping this month if any one wants to know!

So I still have another pile to work on or another challenge really since February is flying by so fast so I'll be back soon!

Go to  A Chunky Challenge to see more details from Terri!

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