Sunday, May 31, 2015

I love old stuff!

Well though I am soo far behind on, well, everything, I have been busy. I am going to apologize now for the blog wierdness. As I learn hopefully it won't be too annoying. I keep working on it and it you will see the transformation.
I still am very interested in history and will continue to apply it to the blog. I have a saying, "I love old stuff." and I do!

I had the opportunity to be a guest of a dear friend who took me to Ann Arbor Michigan. She treated me like A QUEEN! I hit caps by accident there but that is how I felt that day. It was great fun!

Of course my first stop was a bead shop called "The Bead Gallery" 311 E. Liberty Ann Arbor Mi 48104, ph-734-663-6800, and I was thrilled to find out that they have a wonderful supply of ancient beads! Pre-Colombian, African Trade Beads, Dutch Donuts, Czech, Nigeria, Asian, Ancient Roman, Afghanistan!!! Wow! There shop also sells beautiful clothing, connected boutique, "Adorn Me" (To both shops)

Aurora and Courtney

Wonderful staff!!! These ladies were so helpful and knowledgeable! Pleasant and patient I can't wait to get back there!


My scores from the day, wonderful cherry wine, thank you  Diana, $8 pasta machine from thrift store, and my ancient beads! I have all ready made a necklace and earrings.

  My vintage Czech and German glass beads!!!!

Gotta stop here for sweet cherry delights!

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