Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thank You Jody!

Last night I was able to have a jewelry show for my hostess Jody. She loves jewelry and that makes me very happy!
Jody works as a teacher in the Davison schools and as you can see the way that I display my jewelry works great in the class room.
Isn't she so cute!!!

This young man, Jack, was my star shopper! He only likes the best and was so sweet to buy a bracelet for his teacher Jody! He is here with his friend Zoey!

Here is how I carry my boards. My husband made these boxes for me.

Three boards in a box.

A nice handle to help with carrying. I pull my boards out which are all ready ready and I'm ready to sell. Usually they rest on a table easel or a small easel. 

Thank you to all who attended!

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