Friday, February 20, 2015

This month's challenge was inspired by, not only flowers  but flowers thought of in a new way! I loved it!

Malaysian artist and photographer Lim Zhi Wei (a.k.a Limzy) is the creator of these whimsical flower girls. She has a passion for turning every day objects into things of delicate beauty. For 2015, Limzy created a very limited run of a calendar of her Flowergirls. How marvelous would it be to gaze on those dreamy beauties every day of the year! The beauty of this art is that it is ephemeral. It will not last. Yet Limzy has captured the essence of the bloom in such a spectacularly unique way and preserved it in her prints. You can follow Lim Zhi Wei onInstagram and Facebook or on her blog, Love, Limzy.

Aren't these flower girls just adorable!

My inspiration came from the Rembrandt Tulip which I have in my garden. They change every year. I look forward to my tulips because the let me know that Michigan is coming back to life, and they do it with beautiful zeal!

I used polymer clay for my beads and Jade Swarovski crystal pearls>

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