Monday, October 5, 2015

Blustery Days, Oh Bother....

 Here they come the Autumn days and the signal to wrap up the gardening, at least it is for Michigan.
On the south side of my house I have a xeric garden. Hot, dry but most of all I have planted for humming birds because I can look right out my window and see them. High Country Gardens has all of the information you need to plant a garden like this and it also has plants for humming birds too.

Any how this very neglected spot was finally tackled. You can see it was a mess. This phenomenon occurred right at the time I started making jewelry, hmmm.

I had gotten some leaves and pine needles, I throw in the pine cones too, I used for mulch. The old mulch gets pushed back after I weed and move plants around.

 I pull all of the rocks out and reshape the garden.

I hate this weed you never get all of it unless you dig everything up like I did. The roots travel and all it takes is one little piece to be left and there's another weed. I'm sure it has some holistic property but I am not aware of it.

Recycled plastic weed guard

Then I lay down card board and the mulch bags to help keep seeds from starting when the garden gets weed whacked. Cardboard works good for smothering poison ivy, starting new beds, no more digging!

Peetie-Pie.... not a good helper.

Put the rocks back

Put the mulch down.

Approved by inspector Tucker.

Red cardinal climber.

Agastache, late summer bloomer. High Country Gardens..

My mums were huge and beautiful!!! 

I like to let snap dragons and poppies grow where they want

 See you in the spring!

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