Thursday, October 29, 2015

I'm all about the red!

I aaaaabsolutely love red, consequently I plant a lot of things that turn red or varieties of red, in my gardens.
Here are some.

This is a shrub called bridals veil. I am not sure of the botanical name but in the spring it has pretty clusters of white pom- pomish flowers. 
It takes very little effort to grow. I did it from a small sprig that had a couple of roots on it.

This is a small wigelea I think it is called Wine and Roses. It is more purple but I wanted to show it against the Creeping Jenny ground cover.

I just bought this coral bell and of course I don't remember the name I just saw the color and went for it. The leaves are large and I can't wait to see how this grows and flowers.

If you can see it there is a small coral bell in the right corner. I love it because it is a mini.

Red Maple.



Nasturtiums keep going till hard frost.

Some awesome staples for the garden, tall sedum on the left, and another plant that I got from a friend but don't know the name of. I has these feather duster flowers. I'll post about it again next year when it blooms and get the name.

Another gifted plant. I love how the yellow is blushed with pink. Ok not red but still beautiful.

Ahhh, can't wait for next spring all ready! Bulbs went in and I was so happy to find the blue alliums. I used to have these years ago but lost them to too much moving. I also finally got my red poppies back and I adore them!

 Tucker says, "See you next spring!"

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