Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I'm All About The Bugs!

I used to get so many beautiful butterflies in my yard every year until the 40 acres behind us got leased to a farmer and they plowed and sprayed it. After that I noticed a definite difference in the amount of all of the bugs, except mosquitoes!

I do all that I can to encourage birds, butterflies, and bees. I try to stay as organic as possible. 
The last two years I have collected milkweed pods and spread the seeds. I always loved them when I was a kid because they are so silky and I love to see them fly.

There are many sites and information on the Internet to help you with supporting a Monarch butterfly habitat but really you can just add some of the plants that they need and don't spray.

I found the web site Monarch Joint Venture and they have a page for creating habitats and adding plants that will help the little fellers!


Vast tracts of land have been converted for human use, including residential areas, parks, schools, and cultural institutions. Butterfly gardens within these developed areas provide much needed habitat for butterflies. These butterfly havens may be a few square feet within an urban backyard, or a larger managed garden attached to an educational institution, cultural center, or a corporate office park.

Here is my son obliging me in my quest to help the butterflies!

Here are two of my butterfly inspired ploymer clay beads that are on my Etsy Shop 

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